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Custody DNA Testing in Herndon

DNA Paternity Testing for Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases are unpleasant at best. Emotions and personal animosity runs high. Parents, grandparents, and other relatives of the child have passionately differing opinions about what is best. The children at the heart of the dispute are caught in the middle.

When child custody is being disputed in court proceedings or in cases being handled by state child protective agencies, the sensitive question of true paternity of the child or children may be at issue. Sometimes, answering that question once and for all can help bring an end to painful tug-of-war. In that case, reliable DNA testing can help settle the dispute definitively.

Custody Disputes Require Care and Sensitivity

The issue of paternity in a custody dispute has serious and potentially devastating emotional consequences for all parties, and so it should be raised with the utmost care. Parents, attorneys and others involved are encouraged to give serious and mindful consideration to the potential heartache and life-long effects certain results, if reported, could have on children, parents, extended family and relationships. If a decision to use paternity testing as part of a custody dispute is made, ARCpoint Labs of Herndon offers confidential, accurate results that can be relied on to be admissible if necessary.

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DNA Testing Can Un-Muddy the Waters

A properly administered DNA paternity test can accurately and decisively determine the biological relationship between children, alleged parents and other relatives. But courts and state agencies require results to be established as reliable and verifiable before they will take them into consideration in deciding the case.

ARCpoint Labs of Herndon standardized, proven protocols for DNA paternity testing assure confidentiality, accuracy and reliability. Reliable test results settle the issue of paternity, which in turn helps attorneys, guardians, judges and agency officers settle issues of child custody, parental responsibility and visitation.

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