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Steroid in Herndon

Accurate Steroid Drug Testing in Schools


Did you know?

  • All steroids are not the same. “Corticosteroids” are prescribed to treat medical conditions, while “Anabolic steroids” replicate human sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen, which alter the person’s physical appearance.
  • Steroids abuse occurs in teenage girls too. Common side effects include body shape changes, male pattern baldness, deepened voices, reduced breast size and menstrual cycle disruptions.
  • Steroid abusers may take 10 to 100 times the dosage a doctor would prescribe for illness. These excessive dosages may cause changes ranging from irritability to mood swings, mania, insomnia and poor judgement choices.
A bare chested male with large biceps holding a syringe.

Identifying Athletes Who Use Performance Enhancing Drugs

Competition is fierce among student athletes. But schools shouldn’t value having a number-one team more than steroid-free performance. Steroid testing can help ensure students don’t follow professional sports players in abusing steroids for better performance.

In recent years, professional athletes have set bad examples for students with their use of PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) – also known as steroids – to boost performance. Combine celebrity athlete with superstar status, aggressive marketing by steroid manufacturers and teens’ obsession with appearance, and it’s easy to see why there’s a surge in steroid use that continues despite high-profile scandals surrounding athletes who are guilty of doping.

Often, students only see the benefit; they don’t consider the harm done by steroids or the likelihood they’ll get caught. With greater public awareness, students will better understand why steroids are illegal and banned from all levels of play. Coaches and school administrators can send a positive message by instating and enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for steroid use.

Reliable Testing at All Levels with ARCpoint Labs of Herndon

As long as steroid use remains prevalent, ARCpoint Labs of Herndon is equipped to work with athletic department directors and coaches to test athletes for all known PEDs and steroid use.

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Learn More About Our Testing Services

ARCpoint Labs of Herndon provides steroid testing at high school, college and professional levels. Learn more about how we can help your school implement steroid testing.

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