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On-Site & Audit Services in Herndon

DOT Audit & On-Site Services

When you fall under the guidelines of the Department of Transportation (DOT), you need a drug and alcohol testing partner that can help you remain compliant.

ARCpoint Labs of Herndon is your source for mobile drug testing and compliance audit preparation. We are trained in DOT testing procedures and we are fully-equipped to ensure your compliance in all testing matters.

24/7 Emergency Services

ARCpoint Labs of Herndon nationwide locations offer 24/7 emergency testing services to meet DOT requirements . . .

DOT Audit Preparation

Luck favors the prepared. ARCpoint Labs of Herndon can help you get ready when DOT auditors come to call . . .

On-Site DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

ARCpoint Labs’ of Herndon  DOT-qualified collectors / technicians perform testing on site at any location you desire . . .

Ensuring Compliance with Audit Prep & Mobile Services

You never know when you’ll need on-site and emergency drug testing services to ensure your DOT compliance. Likewise, you don’t know if and when your organization will be selected for a DOT audit.

Partner with an organization that can help you achieve compliance with all DOT requirements, including those that call for swift post-accident drug and alcohol testing. When you work with ARCpoint Labs of Herndon, you can call upon our our location for timely assistance when your organization is in need of DOT testing. You can also rest easy knowing you are prepared should your business be selected for a DOT audit.

Male physician holding pen and stylus and tablet, with female lab employee in the background.
Male semi truck driver.

Key Facts About DOT Audits

Any organization that employs individuals that transport people or property with a gross vehicle weight rating or combination weight rating over 10,000 lbs is governed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations. That makes them eligible for a DOT audit, regardless of what industry they’re in.

A DOT audit ensures you are prepared for all six inspection factors the DOT examines:

  1. General
  2. Driver
  3. Operational
  4. Vehicle
  5. Hazardous Materials
  6. Accidents

The Necessity of On-Site DOT Testing

Our on-site testing services enable your organization to quickly and conveniently conduct drug and alcohol testing as DOT regulations require. Your employees won’t have to travel, cutting down on liability risk and travel time, so they’ll be back on the job sooner.

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Be Prepared for Your DOT Needs

Trust ARCpoint Labs of Herndon for full-service DOT testing and audit preparation. We have the technology, regulatory technology, and capabilities to handle your on-site testing and DOT audit preparation.

Work with a team that’s seasoned in DOT audit prep and on-site testing; contact ARCpoint Labs of Herndon today.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.

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