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DOT Random Testing in Herndon

Random Testing

Every employer covered under the DOT must follow DOT random testing regulations, which include:

  • Every driver must submit to random drug and alcohol testing
  • The minimum annual percentage rate for random alcohol testing shall be 10 percent of the average number of driver positions
  • The minimum annual percentage rate for random controlled substances testing shall be 50 percent of the average number of driver positions

Consult with our ARCpoint Labs of Herndon team to help you determine how to randomly test your workforce.

Image of stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, with computer monitor in background.

Random Name Generation for DOT Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Herndon uses a unique, customized name generating technology to ensure the integrity of a random drug test. Due to the importance of random name generation for DOT (and non-DOT businesses), ARCpoint Labs of Herndon provides our random name generation service for any organization.

Outsourcing the random name generation to a neutral third party prevents a company from being accused of discrimination. It provides additional, unquestionable integrity to the program.

Customize Random Testing Programs to Meet Your Needs

  • Schedule monthly, quarterly or annual testing
  • Specify percentage of individuals to be tested
  • Maintain a specific level of completed tests
Lab technician recording test results on a chart.

Learn More About Our Testing Services

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Herndon for more information on DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing.

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